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About Latitube

LatiTube the technology, not just a product….

LatiTube technology is the name given to any surfing or board-sport product where surfing occurs above multiple, individual flows of fluid. Be it water, air or chocolate milk, multiple nozzles of fluid are energized and delivered right to the riders board. This pin point technology enables our ride designers to easily produce the right conditions, the right amount of thrill vs safety, and tailor it to the individual user in real time. Patented and proven, no other board sport technology can provide this level of control.

Invented by an avid surfer and product designer over 16 years ago, the LatiTube technology has been 4 years in physical development prior to its launch as the ‘Pocket Series’ of products in 2013. Seeing instant success in a Major Waterpark project and Municipality in Australia, the IP quickly grabbed industry attention.

In November 2014, the LatiTube technology and Pocket Series of products was acquired by WhiteWater West Industries. WhiteWater brings the fun as The ORIGINAL Waterpark & Attractions Company by being the first. In 1980, WhiteWater dove in feet-first; growing from a successful waterpark operation into a thriving designer and manufacturer of waterpark attractions, and we’ve been making waves ever since.

But ORIGINAL is also about being seriously fun and innovative! It’s about thinking outside-the-pool; taking time to play, creating the newest, coolest attractions; not being afraid to be different and to take risks; and most of all, supplying the most memorable, WOW-that-made-my-day experiences in the world!

Early Stages of Latitube Development.