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About the LatiTube Pocket Single

The LatiTube Pocket Single may be small in stature, however it still boasts all of the great features found throughout the product range! Engineered to excite, the pocket single incorporates an overhead, barreling wave in a safe, compact, fully featured package. Available in Left Hand and Right Hand options, the pocket single can cater to all. The Pocket Single is a great option for a hotel, municipality, or maybe even the backyard!

The Pocket single includes the dynamic wave and tube features, and a whopping 2.4m high barreling wave that everyone can ride. 7 years to 70, everyone gets tubed on a pocket single.

Operating and Riding the Pocket Single

Operation of the Pocket Single is done via a handheld, waterproof radio remote that allows the operator to fully engage with the riders and move freely about the wave surface while always in touch button control.

Dynamic wave features consisting of changing the wave shape, the tube/barrel feature, and the variable water intensity, are instantly changeable to reflect each riders requirements, skills and age.

Riders begin each turn with the ride in a low energy state, the rider assumes their position and the required flow is the initiated by the operator, riders use their hand outstretched to balance themselves by touching the ride surface as they ride thus enable greater control and virtually instant success. As riders build skill and confidence the operator can, at the touch of a button increase the power, change the wave shape and initiate the Tube/Barrel feature.

Managing the Pocket Single during operation

A minimum of one operator is required to run the pocket single.

An allowable limit of participants (maximum 15 for two operators, 10 for one operator) are able to move around the decking and access stairways, non-participants should be separated from the operators control area buy a suitable means.

Depending on the number of participants, throughput is controlled by the operator. For example a ride can range from 20 seconds during peak demand, to 60 seconds, or longer, dependent upon those in the queue. Riders may either queue and experience a few turns, or sign up for a session for a set duration.

Right Hander

Install Configuration 1

Right Hand with Tube

This mode produces a right hand wave with all the incorporated features. Right hand waves favors 'Natural Foot’ surfers.

Pocket Single

Left Hander

Install Configuration 2

Left Hand with Tube

This mode produces a left hand wave with all the incorporated features. Left hand waves favors 'Goofy Foot’ surfers.

Pocket Single

Project Spec

Pocket Single
Width 11.9m (39 ft) x Length 11.0m (36.1 ft)
Pocket Single: 1 Rider (120 Rides/Hour)
Tank Volume
65,135 liters (17,207 gallons)
170kW (228hp)

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