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About the LatiTube Pocket Switch


With all the great features of the Pocket Single, the slightly larger Switch has one more trick up its sleeve. As you may know, surfers (snowboarders and skaters too) have a preferred stance on their boards; “goofy” or “natural/regular” foot. While natural/regular is the most common, the goofy footers generally hang down in the front of the bus with the left handed folks! The curse of being left handed!

The Switch, in an instant, swaps the water flow direction from left to right (remember all LatiTube waves simulate either a left or right hand break just as in the ocean). The Pocket Switch gives riders of both goofy and natural stance the opportunity to surf on their ‘forehand’ or ‘backhand’ and greatly adds to the overall ride experience.

Natural Footers have their toes and right hand to the wave face when surfing a ‘Right Hand’ wave. Looking from the water to the beach, a right hand wave would have a rider surfing to their right from the starting point. A Natural foot surfer surfing to their left of their starting point would be “riding backhand” which is also possible on a LatiTube as an added challenge.

Goofy Footers have their toes and left hand to the wave face when surfing a ‘Left Hand’ wave. Looking from the water to the beach a left hand wave would have a rider surfing to their left of their starting point.

The Pocket Switch includes the dynamic wave and tube features and a whopping 2.4m high barrelling wave that everyone can ride. 7 years to 70, everyone gets tubed on a pocket switch, backhand or forehand!

The Switch utilises a special flow distribution tank that enables the left and right hand waves to be produced in place of the other. Using just one pump, the switch is a cost effective way to achieve what the LatiTube Double provides as far as wave types, but costed effectively and in a smaller space. The only difference being that the Switch caters to one rider at a time, whereas the Double caters for 2 riders at a time.

Operating and Riding the Pocket Switch

Operation of the Pocket Switch is done via a handheld, waterproof radio remote that allows the operator to fully engage with the riders and move freely about the wave surface while always in touch button control. The wave flow direction can be switched to Left Hand or Right hand either between turns or during a ride for an added challenge. The Tube/Barrel feature also switches direction to suit the wave flow direction.

Dynamic wave features consisting of the changing wave shape, the tube/barrel feature and the variable water intensity, are instantly changeable to reflect each riders requirements, skills and age.

Riders begin each turn with the ride in a low energy state, the rider assumes their position and the required flow is the initiated by the operator, riders use their hand outstretched to balance themselves by touching the ride surface as they ride thus enable greater control and virtually instant success. As riders build skill and confidence the operator can, at the touch of a button increase the power, change the wave shape and initiate the Tube/Barrel feature or switch the flow from left hand to right hand.

Managing the Pocket Switch during operation

A minimum of one operator is required to run the pocket single.
An allowable limit of participants (maximum 15 for two operators, 10 for one operator) are able to move around the decking and access stairways, non-participants should be separated from the operators control area buy a suitable means.

Depending on the number of participants, throughput is controlled by the operator. For example a ride can range from 20 seconds during peak demand, to 60 seconds, or longer, dependent upon those in the queue. Riders may either queue and experience a few turns, or sign up for a session for a set duration.

Project Spec

Pocket Switch
Width 11.9m (39 ft) x Length 11.0m (36.1 ft)
Rider (120 Rides/Hour)
Tank Volume
94,010 liters (24,835 gallons)
170kW (228hp)

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